A collection of ideas.

  • a central panel listing all step types and providing functions like "fold/unfold all steps of this type"
  • enhance the new ListTreeView by a non-interactive search space visualization to aid quick detection of inefficiencies
  • function to "bookmark" steps and group them together in list views

Tree Features for Logic Programming

  • visualizing cuts (possible inspiration: Transparent Prolog Machine)
  • set of step status symbols (executing, succeeded, failed, finished, re-executing...) for the color-blind, consistent for all logic programming clients
  • ideas for clearer visualization of first tree dimension
    • make types of choicepoints more explicit, e.g. by a square white box reading ";" for disjunction, "C" for different clauses of a predicate, "R" for rules, etc.
    • offer option to hide failed branches
    • optionally, autohide failed branches

Logic Programming Profiler

  • average time per predicate
  • some kind of automated detection of what predicate fails how early
  • automated comparisons (diff) between runs of different versions of programs
  • graphical plots
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