Reached and future goals with dates for completion:

GoalResponsibleStatusCompletion Date
General reworking of the window layouter. Better support for multiple screens.jdIn progress~August 2013
Integrating the TRALE feature workbench with the graphical TRALE debugger.jdAlmost complete~June 2013
Kahina for QType (see status page)ke, jdCompleteMay 2013
Grouping perspectives, grammars and breakpoint profiles together in projects.jdCompleteSeptember 2012
Enhance the possibilities to define breakpoints via source code lines.jdCompleteAugust 2012
A more compact editing component for control points for permanent display in the control panel.jdCompleteJuly 2012
Views and several layout algorithms for graph data.jdCompleteFebruary 2012
General directed and undirected graphs as additional data types.jdCompleteFebruary 2012
Feature workbench for TRALE: signature-enhanced editing, ad-hoc computation of MGSs and MGUs.jdCompleteDecember 2011
Interactive signature visualization for TRALE grammars.jdCompleteOctober 2011
Alternative list-based representation for the control flow tree.jd,keCompleteAugust 2011
Perspectives for freely configuring view and control components.jdCompleteJuly 2011
Kahina for SICStus Prolog (Prototype).keCompleteJune 2011

Plans of other things to happen in 2013, not final, not completely scheduled yet:

Visualization of suspended goals for delayed execution in TRALE.jd
Implement visualizations for important data types of automated reasoning, e.g. Tableaux calculi.jd
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