Contains the data model of the Kahina breakpoint system.

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Package Description

Contains the data model of the Kahina breakpoint system.

The breakpoint system is based on patterns which can be defined on step data, and possibly configurations of steps which are arranged in a tree. The event system distributes the news when such patterns match, allowing other components to react accordingly. Breakpoints can be associated with control actions such as stopping the monitored process, making a particular decision at a decision point, or issuing warnings.

Breakpoints are represented by KahinaBreakpoint objects, and can be generated using convenience methods in KahinaBreakpointFactory. Despite their name, breakpoints are used for much more comprehensive control automation than their counterparts in other debugging systems. In this context, the type of a breakpoint, determining its semantics, is defined by giving it one of the constant values in KahinaBreakpointType (some of these types are specific to logic programming, MOVE THEM!).

In a Kahina project, breakpoints will normally be grouped into a KahinaBreakpointProfile, which is used to administer the different types of breakpoints in one place. If the content of a breakpoint profile is dumped into an XML representation e.g. as part of the project file, the entire state of the breakpoint system is included in this representation.