Provides a datatype for general graphs (directed and undirected).

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Package Description

Provides a datatype for general graphs (directed and undirected).

The abstract class KahinaGraph defines the functionality that any graph implementation is expected so support. This includes the possibility to extend the graph structure by additional vertices and (directed or undirected) edges, to define labels for both vertices and edges, and to influence the appearance of nodes and eges via integer-encoded states. A KahinaGraph can also be imported from a file in TGF (Trivial Graph Format). Unlike in the KahinaDAG class, edges are modeled indirectly without possessing an ID space of their own. Any class implementing KahinaGraph can be visualized via the package.

AdjacListsGraph is the reference graph implementation based on an adjacency list representation of the graph structure. This implementation is especially useful for sparse graphs because no adjacency matrix is kept.